Silence & Solitude: The Gateway Drugs to Abiding in Christ

I think silence and solitude are perhaps some of the most challenging practices in the Christian life. At least it has been for me. For many years this idea would not have even crossed my mind, and if and when it did, I would have assumed it was a waste of time. Sitting around daydreamingContinue reading “Silence & Solitude: The Gateway Drugs to Abiding in Christ”

Learnings From Livi’s Transition

The big day had come, and we were supposed to help Olivia pack up all of her things, load them into my, ute, and head out to drop her off at her 18-month long internship about an hour and 15 minutes north of where we live. These events are milestone events in the life ofContinue reading “Learnings From Livi’s Transition”